What is Customer Satisfaction
Score (CSAT)?

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is one of the most straightforward of the customer satisfaction survey methodologies that exist. Depending on the context, it measures customer satisfaction with a business, purchase, or general interaction. It's calculated by asking a question, such as "How satisfied were you with your experience?" And is paired with a corresponding survey scale, which can be a rang 1 – 3, 1 – 5, or 1 – 10 or it can be a range of satisfaction emojis.

The major strength of the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey lies in its simplicity. It's an easy way to close determine whether or not a customer interaction was effective in producing customer happiness.

Additionally, if for some reason the experience wasn't satisfactory, you will have any easy time pinpointing that moment and can take actions to improve the customer's experience.

Since it's such a quick survey, you can ask it several times during a customer's journey in order to build a big-picture view of how your customer feels at certain touch points during the process. Additionally you can ask follow up questions that help paint a clear picture of what's going on in the user's mind.

When should you use a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Poll?

The best time to send a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) poll is after some part of the customer lifecycle is completed. For example, sending a satisfaction survey at the end of the customer's onboarding will help you capture valuable feedback on how to improve the onboarding experience. The same can be said after a purchase or after a sign up to your product.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a quick and easy way to gauge your customer's sentiment regarding specific interactions with your product. If you use them you should be consistent and take care to time them appropriately within your product's key conversion scenarios.

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