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Dalfilo Case Study.

How Dalfilo uses Zigpoll surveys to build confidence in new initiatives and improve attribution

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ThumbPRO Case Study.

How ThumbPRO uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to optimize site conversion and launch new SKU's

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Jolly Mama Case Study.

How Jolly Mama uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to build Klaviyo segments and attribute sales

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Add a Shopify Post Purchase Poll.

Learn how to add a Zigpoll post purchase survey to your Shopify store in three easy steps.

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Daily Grind Digital Case Study.

How full-service agency DGD uses Zigpoll to improve attribution, drive CRO, and collect first-party data.

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How to translate your survey into multiple languages

Speak to your customers in their native language by running a multi-language survey.

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How to remove participant data

We take privacy seriously. Follow the steps here to remove a participant and all of their responses from your dashboard.

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Growth Trigger Case Study

How GrowthTrigger uses Zigpoll to build customer segments in Klaviyo

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Beauty Brand Case Study

How a beauty brand uses post-fulfillment surveys to drive 1200+ reviews and understand product performance

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Perfect Presents Case Study

How Perfect Presents uses Zigpoll to improve their fulfillment experience and build customer personas

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Connect GA4 With Your Shopify Checkout Extension

Seamlessly track your Zigpoll survey events within your GA4 dashboard.

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Announcing The Zigpoll Shopify Checkout Extension

Future-Proof Your Post Purchase Experience With Shopify Checkout Extensions

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