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  • Love this 'little' app. It's clean looking, LOTS of functionality and the team is always here to help.

    With the phasing out of cookies from Google, Apple, etc. This is the best way to get valuable insights from our customers.

  • As a new website owner, I needed a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to gather feedback from new email subscribers, and Zigpoll did the trick.

    I appreciated that I could customize the polls to ask the questions I needed answers to rather than having to use standard questions drawn up by someone else. Highly recommended!

  • Love it. The app was exactly what we needed for building customer surveys on our Shopify store.

    It's an extremely well thought out app with a regular flow of new useful features. Service was extremely responsive and helpful!

  • Most exciting addition to my website in 11 years of business.

    I am proud to say that Zigpoll is the most exciting and value-added addition we have ever made to our website, and we have been online for 11 years. Yes, it's that great.

    BJ Jones, Country Chart

  • Instant gratification for our readers.

    Zigpoll allows our readers to weigh-in on important issues and discover what other people are thinking in real-time with aesthetically pleasing instant poll results.

    Randa Thornton-Mason, ArkLaTex News

  • The best way to obtain email addresses.

    You need to be aware of Zigpoll because the bold layout and smooth integration will allow you to collect significantly more email addresses that drive future growth.

    Ronald Jones,

  • A five-fold increase in user responses!

    The inviting and friendly design of the embedded poll has allowed us to increase our poll response rate from around 5% to a shockingly high 25% of pageviews. Zigpoll is a game-changer.

    Joshua Williams, Texarkana News

  • Easy filtering allows us to match students with colleges.

    Our company engages with future college students about higher education, and Zigpoll enables us to find exactly what type of university young people want by filtering participants based on how they vote on a specific question.

    Kay Mason,

  • Zigpoll sets us apart from our competitors.

    The Zigpoll platform has been incredibly helpful in providing my startup with a quality, trackable poll option. There are many ways I can think of to use Zigpoll, which I am sure is going to give my business a boost. None of my competitors are using anything like it. I feel that using it sets me apart and puts me ahead of the other guys. I love Zigpoll.

    Ronald Jones, Southern Gospel News

  • Site integration is a breeze.

    We tried a few other options, which turned out to be clunky, confusing. Enter Zigpoll. We are most impressed by the transparency of progress within the service, as evidenced by the regularly updated Roadmap. Zigpoll has been absolutely fantastic and keeps getting better!

    Todd Jones, Store to Store

  • Email notifications to multiple addresses saves us time.

    When someone wants to learn more about a cabin or reservation, we can automatically direct information to the company or individual that owns the property with Zigpoll. It's a real timesaver.

    PJ Armstrong, Cabin News

  • Gathering user feedback has never been easier.

    Understanding how readers use the information we provide allows us to plan for the future and shapes our future content decision making.

    Jonathan Barkley, The Christian News

  • Capture information with enticing giveaways.

    The unique design of Zigpoll allows users to immediately see and engage with our giveaways. It enables our readers to share opinions and email while at the same time entering our drawing for $200!

    Heath Morris, North Louisiana News

  • Helps us find which content engages readers most.

    When we run a sitewide poll, we discover which pages drive the most engagement from readers with due to the Zigpoll dashboard that provides URL and participant information.

    Charlotte Tobias, Southwest Arkansas News

  • Shows users we are always available and value their opinions.

    Visitors want to know we are available to them at a moment's notice, and Zigpoll makes it simple to keep in constant contact with users. They also love that we are continually seeking their opinions.

    Joe Norton, Northeast Texas News

  • Simple to create polls and obtain actionable information.

    The city of Shreveport is always busy. Zigpoll helps my team find out what is important to citizens and make changes quickly.

    Latricia Hamill, Shreveporter

  • We finally understand our customers!

    Installing Zigpoll on our checkout page has given us valuable insights about where our customer come from and what they are looking for. The campaign was so successful that we added another poll to our order status page and now our customer support has never been better!

    Allie, Rose & Rex

  • Customer support made easy.

    I used to be underwater responding to all our support requests and questions. Being a one-man show it was hard to keep respond to everyone. Ever since I installed Zigpoll I get all of my support requests in one place, and replying to them is a piece of cake.


  • I'm confident that I'm building the right tools.

    Zigpoll has let me find out what my customers want me to build in a fun and fast way. I never would have considered polling before, but the Zigpoll widget is so easy and the response rate is so high that it was a no-brainer.

    Connell, The Best Agency

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