CSV Formatting Rules For Your Zigpoll Campaign

Before you run a Zigpoll email campaign using our dashboard, you should first familiarize yourself with all the tools at your disposal. The easiest way to run a campaign is simply to paste emails into our text box and press send. While this will be effective, you will not be able to add any additional metadata to your survey responses so you may miss out on some key insights. To improve the value of each response, consider adding some custom variables to each customer and using a CSV import instead of a standard copy-paste campaign. Read below for how to format your CSV file and get the most out of your campaign.

  • Step #1: Create a CSV file using the tool of your choice.
  • Step #2: Create a column called email. Enter your emails that you want to contact via Zigpoll.
  • Step #3: Add an additional column for each variable you want to include. For example if you want to include the Shopify Customer Id. You would add a column called shopify_customer_id. If you wanted to reference a specific order id you would use shopify_order_id.

NOTE: shopify_customer_id and shopify_order_id are treated as special values internally. It is highly recommended you use these values if you want to pass through your shopify customer id or order id on to your responses.

Click here for an example CSV file you can use for reference. We recommend starting small when running a campaign using a CSV file so that you can test everything out before reaching your larger audience.

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