How to act on customer feedback.

So you've gathered lots of customer feedback... now what? It's time to put that data to work! Let's walk through some of the best practices for interpreting feedback and iterating your product accordingly.

Making sense of customer feedback

First things first, make sure your customer data is in order. You'll want to look at who filled out your poll, what poll they filled out, and what page they filled it out on. These data points will help you group your customers according to their familiarity with your brand, their overall loyalty, and their lifetime value.

Segment your results into buckets

Once you've determined which feedback falls into which customer segment, it's time to start reading and reacting to your data. As you read, be sure to segment your results into positive and negative groups. If you use a quantitative score like a range or a satisfaction slide, you can use those to easily group your responses in positive or negative buckets. If you just have feedback, use your judgement on the feedback to decide whether it has a positive or negative tone and segment them accordingly.

Usually it makes sense to address the negative points first. Look at the negative bucket and see if there are any trends that occur within this dataset. These trends should be the highest priority items when deciding what changes to make and why.


Zigpoll gives you the ability to see what you're customers are thinking. Depending on the type of quesitons you asked, you should be able to interpret how your visitors feel. When you notice a trend, act on it. When you act on a trend, create a new poll to ask about its effectiveness. What this will do is create a feedback loop will ensure that your product is always heading in the right direction.

So let's do this.

Try Zigpoll and get the most out of your visitors.

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