How To: Run Comprehensive Layered Post Purchase Surveys

Zigpoll allows you to have multiple surveys configured for the same page on your website. This means you can deliver different surveys on the same page depending on the context. When it comes to the post purchase page, the context is likely going to be something like:

  • Whether it's a new or existing customer
  • The Order Total
  • How many orders the customer has made
  • What country the customer is from
  • What language the customer speaks
  • Whether or not some tag is applied to a customer before their purchase

For example you can deliver one survey to all of your first time customers, and a different survey to all of your returning customers, and an entirely different survey to your "big spender" customers.

This level of control allows you tailor a comprehensive post purchase feedback campaign that you can leave running forever and use to constantly improve your business and engage your customers at the most important moments.

To set up a layered survey, follow the steps below:

  • Step #1: Log into Zigpoll
  • Step #2: Click Surveys → New Survey
  • Step #3: Enter a title and select "Post Purchase" for step two. For step three either use one of our templates or build your slides from scratch.
  • Select "Post Purchase" on Step #2
  • Step #4: Now that your survey is created, adjust your targeting settings. By clicking the General tab and scrolling down to the section labelled "Customer Targeting Settings". Click Advanced for more control over your exact configuration.
  • Adjust your customer targetings specific to your survey.
  • Step #6: Repeat steps 1-5 for the other cases. Once your done, make sure that you have them in the correct order. Surveys are selected from top to bottom, if multiple surveys match the conditions the survey at the top of the list will be served.
  • Layer your surveys in order.

And that's it! You now have a layered post purchase survey running on your store that dynamically appears in various contexts. All that's left now is to kick back and watch the feedback roll in.

So let's do this.

Try Zigpoll and get the most out of your visitors.

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