Perfect Presents Case Study

How Perfect Presents uses Zigpoll to improve their fulfillment experience and build customer personas

Survey Type: Post purchase survey & Order fulfillment survey

Perfect Presents is a gifting brand in the Philippines that sells jewelry, lighting, and other personalizable gifts.

Originally they installed Zigpoll to troubleshoot issues with website performance, but they quickly realized that they could start collecting more insights and data from their customers.

We sat down with John, owner @ Perfect Presents to learn what they’re using Zigpoll for today:

  • Building nuanced customer personas to improve ad creatives
  • Collecting CSAT and delivery experience feedback with post fulfillment surveys
  • Discovering new product ideas from their customers that doubled their Valentine’s day revenue year over year
Originally, we wanted to learn more about how our customers behave when they're using the website. And then eventually the idea popped. How about we ask customers about their behavior? We can get to know them better.

Using post order fulfillment to check the delivery experience and customer satisfaction

Survey Type: Order fulfillment
Survey Questions: "Are you happy with our product?", "Are you happy with our customer service?", "Did you receive your order on time?", "How likely are you to recommend us to your family and friends"

There is some data that is not always available at the post purchase stage, so Perfect Presents also sends a post order fulfillment survey via email to collect this valuable data.

One point that the Perfect Presents team discovered was an inconsistency in their delivery time KPI. Their reporting said items were delivered on time, but customers were still complaining about late orders.

Now that we have put a question there on the survey that asks customers if they received it on time. While we still have delivery reporting separately, it’s more about tracking the perception of our customers. If they feel that they receive their product on time or not, I think that's also valuable.

The post order fulfillment trigger also lets the team collect CSAT score and data on their product and packaging, allowing them to continue to improving the entire customer experience.

Building customer personas that improve ad creative

Survey Type: Post purchase survey
Survey Question: "Who is this gift for?"

Before using Zigpoll, the Perfect Presents team didn’t have any customer personas. They found it difficult to understand who they were targeting and what niche would resonate with their products.

"Before we try to be as broad as possible with our creatives, we want to target families. We want to target gifts for friends and for pets."

Since implementing Zigpoll they’ve developed nuanced customer personas that they focus their ad campaigns and creative on.

Since we know now that almost half of our customers are purchasing for relationships, we get to angle our creatives, our creative directions, and captions to target those customers.

How customer feedback led to new product lines

Survey Type: Post purchase survey
Survey Question: "What kind of products do you want to see from us?"

Knowing that the majority of their customers were purchasing products for their partner gave Perfect Presents a strong direction for future product development.

But they still had to determine what products to invest in.

To do this, they used post purchase surveys to ask their customer directly what products they should launch:

We always look into our insights. I actually use the AI feature to get the top ten requested products. And then the first three, that's the three that we'll work on.

One of the products that we launched was our bracelet. After launching that product, we get a lot of repeat buyers from our past customers.

We doubled our Valentine sales compared to last year because of this.

So let's do this.

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