Top Five Shopify Apps For Agencies

These apps help extend Shopify in a variety of ways. You can use these extra features to provide your clients with top-tier service for a fraction of the development time. Have a look at the list below for some ideas to take your projects to the next level.

1. Metafields Manager

The best way to manage extra data

This app helps extend Shopify by allowing you to easily add extra data to any object in your storefont (a product, a collection, an article, etc...). Super useful if you want to add a shipping-lead-time or an product video to your client's store. What also makes it stand out from the pack is the ability to import and export data via CSV files in way that non-technical people can understand. Last but not least, it introduces the idea of custom objects which are unique data models that you can add to your store. We use it on every store we build since it has so many different use-cases.

2. Zigpoll

Trigger surveys at key moments in your user journey

Use Zigpoll to add Post Purchase surveys, abandoned cart surveys, and feedback forms for all of your clients. These surveys are a terrific way to gather feedback you can use to improve your client's business. There are loads of integrations so you can integrate the feedback with your mail provider of choice to perform actions to win back customers or increase your customer lifetime value metrics. Best of all, the set up only takes a couple of clicks.

3. Recharge Subscriptions

Easily set up recurring subscriptions

If your client has a recurring subscription product, look no further than Recharge Subscriptions. They make it a breeze to set up recurring payments the design integrates with pretty much any storefront.

4. Shopify Flow

Automate everything and get back to business

Use Shopify Flow to connect different parts of your business together. Their drag and drop interface makes it a breeze to automate behavior for your client's unique workflow and toolset.

5. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Notify your customers when products are restocked: Email & SMS

Set this up once and then forget about it. Back in stock notifications makes it easy to automatically email customers when stock comes back online. Your clients will love having this feature as it will build their mailing list and increase sales without any additional action on their behalf.


These are just a few of the apps out there that can be used to 10X your value to your clients. Using third party apps wisely can help your agency stand out from the pack and deliver quality projects on time and on budget.

So let's do this.

Try Zigpoll and get the most out of your visitors.

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