Analyzing Zigpoll Responses In Google Analytics

We just released Zigpoll's Google Analytics integration which allows our customers to automatically fire Google Analytics events in coordation with response data. In this post, we will detail how exactly we track Zigpoll feedback with Google Analytics as well as a few ways you can use this data within the GA dashboard to derive meaningful insights.

Google Analytics and Zigpoll Data

Our integration works by sending events to Google Analytics. All events have the category Zigpoll so you can easily filter them. The events we send look like the following:

  • When a survey is opened we send an event with Action = Poll Opened
  • When a survey is closed we send an event with Action = Poll Closed
  • When a survey is completed we send an event with Action = Poll Completed
  • When a response is submitted we send an event with Action = Poll Submission
Example Google Analytics dashboard filtered by Event Action and Event Category.

The first three do not recieve any additional information. You can use filter by these events by clicking Behavior ⟶ Events ⟶ Overview on your Google Analytics dashboard.

The event labelled Poll Submission gets an extra Event Value. This Event Value is the response that the customer has submitted along with the handle of the poll.

So, for example, if you have a poll with handle post-purchase and the response to a particular question is Very Satisfied you will see the following as the Event Value in Google Analytics: post-purchase : Very Satisfied.

You can use the Event Value to filter your audience based on their response to a particular poll. You can use this audience data segment in coordination with your enhanced e-commerce analytics in order to determine a wide variety about your custoemrs. For example, you could discover how your customers lifetime spend coorelates with their response to a particular question on your post purchase survey.

So let's do this.

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