DGD Agency Case Study

How full-service agency Daily Grind Digital uses Zigpoll to improve attribution, drive CRO, and collect first-party data

Survey Type: Post purchase survey

Daily Grind Digital supports ecommerce clients with their website development, CRO, and digital marketing needs.

Their client Optimum Works has seen a 375% increase in total sales and a 10% increase in conversion rates on their site through DGD's work.

We had a chance to chat with co-founder Adam Wells to talk about how they use Zigpoll to support their clients in:

  • Understanding what channels are driving purchases and influencing the customer journey
  • Collecting feedback from customers to drive CRO
  • Increasing survey response rates with Zigpoll's Klaviyo integration
  • Sync customer metafields and build personalized shopping experiences.

"We are focused more on overall business performance than individual channel or campaign performance.

We understand that ad platforms can take too much credit for their impact, such as three platforms all taking credit for the same purchase.

So we use post purchase survey data to try to bridge that gap."

Why Daily Grind Digital uses Zigpoll for on-site and email post purchase surveys

"Zigpoll offers easy integrations. We love that it:

  • Syncs survey responses to customer metafields
  • Integrates with Klaviyo
  • Offers exportation of data and some simple data charts for visualization within the app
  • That it works - people fill out these surveys

Using post purchase surveys to understand the customer journey and attribution

Survey Type: Post Purchase Survey
Survey Questions: "How long have you known about us?", "How did you hear about us?", "How did you first hear about us?"

Daily Grind Digital supports their clients by driving traffic via paid platforms such as Facebook and Google. However they realized that the built in attribution from ad platforms may not present an accurate picture of what was driving purchases:

"We understand that ad platforms can take too much credit for their impact (such as 3 platforms all taking credit for the same purchase), or they may not receive enough credit for their impact!

A lot of purchases attributed to organic, direct, and email may have originated from Facebook or Google, so we use post purchase survey data to try to bridge that gap."

One surprising insight that changed how they allocate the ad budgets was learning that the purchase journey for their client's customers was much longer than originally expected:

"Large percentages of first-time buyers make their first purchase in different time frames, such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after hearing about a brand.

We want to understand what each brand's time-to-first-purchase is, and we want to understand what channels are driving the initial awareness. We want to consider this information when analyzing ad performance to make better decisions."

Using Zigpoll's Klaviyo integration to increase response rates to post purchase surveys

One barrier many brands face when collecting first party data is increasing the response rates to surveys.

DGD's team implemented post purchase surveys on the Shopify Order Status and Thank You pages. Combining these surveys with discounts typically drives 40%+ response rates from customers.

Their team further improved on this response rate by using Zigpoll's integration with Klaviyo to send followup emails to customer who did not respond to the survey on these pages:

"We can detect if a customer has or has not answered the survey in Klaviyo. This allows us to send an email that links back to the survey if the user has not completed it yet. You can also incentivize the customer to complete the survey by offering a discount."

Collecting first-party insights to drive CRO

Survey Question: "Is there anything we can do to make your experience better?"

DGD supports their clients with conversion rate optimization (CRO). A key part of delivery is surfacing insights that allow them to make educated bets on improving conversion on their landing pages.

Instead of just guessing, they constantly collect insights with Zigpoll surveys to support their CRO efforts:

"Once in a while, we receive very helpful responses that we can use for conversion rate optimization, such as if a customer was confused about shipping, could not find certain information they were looking for, wished we offered a certain product etc."

Their approach to CRO has helped drive a 10% increase in conversion rate for their customer Optimum Works which supported a 375% increase in sales.

Using customer metafields to build personalized shopping experiences

Zigpoll can sync data to customer metafields, allowing DGD to centralize their client's customer data.

This centralization lays the foundation for future initiatives such as tailored campaign messaging and personalized shopping experiences.

"Anytime it's possible, it is important to centralize your first-party data. Having customer information all tied to the Customer Record in Shopify is a good practice and opens up doors to use that data in the future.

As one example, you can tailor different website experiences to users based on data points on their customer record, whether it is tags or metafields...

A large percentage of companies we come across are not leveraging data very well when it comes to creating personalized shopping experiences, so if you are intentional about collecting and utilizing data, you will gain a competitive advantage."

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