Zigpoll x Klaviyo

Getting the most out of your data means integrating with other vendors. Synergize your Zigpoll and Klaviyo (and sometimes Shopify) accounts by using our integration detailed below. By following these steps you will be able to run Klaviyo segments and campaigns in coordation with feedback you recieve from your customers. These campaigns can be used to increase your customer lifetime value and win back certain customers.

Step #1: Create your integration

Step #2: Collect your data

Once your integration has been completed, data will start flowing into your Klaviyo account. If you use our Shopify integration, we will use the user data provided to associate it with the correct email address. If you are not using Shopify, we will automatically detect any email address entered and use that in order to identify and update any existing Klaviyo profiles.

We will mark the completion of a poll as a new event called "Completed a Zigpoll" in Klaviyo. This event will contain the results for the particular poll. The data is displayed using each Slide's handle as the key. If you would like to change how your data is displayed, you can adjust the handle of each slide individually.

We will also pipe through your customer's average sentiment score. You can use this sentiment score to create mailing campaigns and trigger other events that will help grow your customer lifetime value.

Step #3: Get the most out of your feedback

Use the Zigpoll sentiment score to set up specific lists within Klaviyo. For example, try setting up an email sequence which fires for dissatisfied customers only; this will give you a chance to turn their experience around and win back their business in the future.

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