Tumeri Case Study

How Tumeri uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to discover new use cases and optimize ad spend

Survey Type: Post purchase survey
Key Questions: Can you please tell us what made you buy from Tumeri today?

Serial entrepreneur Joseph Zigelboum first started in ecommerce with Brooklyn Botany, a skincare brand he grew to over $5 million in revenue before being acquired by Lev Brands.

His next play is Tumeri, a brand that is inspired by his father's battle with rheumatoid arthritis:

My father suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years and went to many doctors, which prescribed many things, but nothing really helped. After I stumbled upon turmeric and suggested it, he gave it a try, and it changed his life for the better.

Following that discovery, in 2020 he created Tumeri, an ethical skincare brand whose mission is to share the healing properties of turmeric with as wide of an audience as possible.

In the last 2 years, Joseph has scaled Tumeri to six figures in annual revenue. We had a chance to chat with Joseph about how he's using Zigpoll to:

  • Understand the motivation behind customer purchases
  • Discover new use cases for Tumeri's products
  • Measuring the effectiveness of ad creative
That one insight [via Zigpoll] is changing everything we do. What products we're launching, ingredients we're going to use, content on our site, and how we're structuring our ad creative and landing pages

Understanding the motivation behind customer purchases

By asking what made you buy today? Tumeri learned that a critical part of the customer journey was reading reviews before deciding to make a purchase.

For example, customers would mention that they read reviews seeing that Tumeri's product was non-staining as a reason for their purchase.

We started to see a lot of responses mentioning how important reviews for the product were, so we've made sure to feature those on our key landing pages

Knowing this, they now feature reviews prominently on key landing pages, which is increasing conversion rates.

Discovering new use cases for their product

As a result of the survey data, Tumeri started realizing that customers were purchasing their products to solve skin conditions that they had never heard of before.

One surprising condition that started coming up a lot was melasma. I had to look up what it was!
That one insight is changing everything we do. What products we’re launching, ingredients we’re going to use, content on our site, and how we’re structuring our ad creative and landing pages

One new product that Tumeri has launched since learning that their customers care about solving melasma is their Kojic Acid Soap, which helps to brighten skin and even skin tone. They’ve sold out the product twice since launching!

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising creatives

Tumeri is driving paid traffic to their site with Facebook ads, and one creative they're testing is whether building ads around specific skin conditions is resonating with their customers.

Based on the survey responses on conversions, Tumeri has gained a lot of confidence that they should continue testing creative as their customers explicitly mention FB Ads and skin conditions as key motivators for purchasing.

So let's do this.

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