GrowthTrigger Case Study

How GrowthTrigger uses Zigpoll to build customer segments in Klaviyo

GrowthTrigger is an email marketing agency based in Finland helping 6-7 figure ecommerce brands grow revenue, increase retention, and fuel acquisition with email marketing. They currently work with brands in the electronics and luxury fashion space.

GrowthTrigger's CEO Verneri Brander had the chance to share how they were using Zigpoll to drive results for their clients by:

  • Using NPS to create targeted segments in Klaviyo
  • Driving more quality reviews from satisfied customers
  • Determining which unique selling propositions matter the most to customers to optimise copy
"Being data driven doesn't have to be complicated, you can automate a big part of the process and collect valuable insights while you sleep.

Post-purchase surveys are one of the best ways to collect both qualitative and quantitative customer data to further utilize in all aspects of business. With Zigpoll, you can easily automate that process"

Using NPS and Zigpoll's Klaviyo integration to create targeted segments

Survey Type: Post Purchase Survey, NPS
Survey Questions: How likely would you recommend BRAND to your friends?

Using NPS surveys allows GrowthTrigger to build three segments that GrowthTrigger can then target with specific messaging campaigns.

One flow that GrowthTrigger has put in place is identifying dissatisfied customers and proactively reaching out to them to offer support. They find that this flow can preempt negative reviews, while turning unhappy customers into loyal, repeat purchasers.

"I mainly focus on NPS surveys, and integrate the results with Klaviyo so I can use it to generate segments for promoters, passives and detractors."

Here's how GrowthTrigger scores their segments:

  • Promoters: Range = 9 - 10
  • Passive: Range = 7 - 8
  • Detractors: Range = 0 - 6

Zigpoll's automatic translation features ensure that surveys are the same language as a viewer's browser and that all responses are summarised regardless of language. Especially important if your store serves regions with multiple languages!

Using Zigpoll and Klaviyo to collect more reviews from satisfied customers

Collecting reviews is important to GrowthTrigger's clients, as that additional social proof can be used in landing pages and social media to drive higher conversion rates.

Understanding this, GrowthTrigger built out a flow to help their client generate more reviews with Zigpoll.

Based on the segments that they built in Klaviyo, they sent out follow up emails to Promoters (NPS=9-10) to solicit reviews.

"It has helped in collecting higher quality reviews since the review request only goes out to the most satisfied customers"

Discovering which unique selling propositions matter to customers

Survey Type: Post Purchase Survey
Survey Question: Great to hear! Can you tell me a little more about why you feel that way?

One of the most important inputs to performance of email campaigns is a deep understanding of the customer.

Instead of trying to setup customer interviews or taking their best guess, GrowthTrigger asks customers what made them purchase.

"We have already been able to identify some of the USPs that people appreciate the most in our brands compared to their competition (e.g. high product quality, manufactured in the home country etc.)"

Now when GrowthTrigger creates email campaigns, they can use these customer insights to optimize their copy to drive higher sales for their clients.

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