Manucurist Case Study

How Manucurist uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to optimize site conversion and launch new SKU's

Survey Type: Post purchase survey

We saw in our data that Shopify Plus brand Manucurist was getting over 10,000 survey submissions every month, so we had to reach out to Geoffrey Jestin, a Growth Marketer @ Manucurist to learn more.

During our chat, we learned how the scaling nail polish brand uses Zigpoll. He shared how the Shopify Plus brand uses surveys to:

  • Drive conversion improvements on their website by improving the customer experience
  • Determine and launch missing colors that customers wanted
  • Solve attribution, determining how customers hear about them and whether investments in PR or influencer marketing are driving sales
The open-ended question is a gold mine. Every brand should have it. When a customer has a bad experience on the website and proceeds to make a purchase, they will often tell us what went wrong and help us to fix it rapidly.

Driving conversion rate improvements on their website

Survey Question: "About our website, how are you feeling today?", and to follow up "Could you please give us more details so that we can improve your next experience with us"

Manucurist sells over 70 colors that their customers can choose from. Figuring out how to streamline that color selection process was a difficult challenge for their team.

They set up a post purchase survey flow that collects the customer's satisfaction level with their website, and then displays an open-ended followup question to capture additional information.

One way the team uses the data from the survey is to spot issues with their site, such as slow loading speeds or confusing interfaces:.

When you sell a kit where people can choose between 70 colors of gel polish and so on... It is quite hard to make it functional on our website.

Thanks to Zigpoll, it enabled us to better understand where our customers were getting confused. It also helped us understand what we were doing great so we could do more of it.

"A surprising insight was the feedback on our product pages. Especially in the US market. People were quick to tell us that our images are great and portray the gel polish really well and that was important to their purchase decision.

Thanks to Zigpoll's questionnaire, it pushed us to better develop our product images across all of our sites"

Determining what colors to launch based on customer feedback

Survey Questions: "About our website, how are you feeling today?", and to follow up "Could you please give us more details so that we can improve your next experience with us"

Investing into new colors requires R&D resources from the Manucurist team, and also involves working with different laboratories and suppliers.

If a color isn't popular, then that would mean wasting a lot of resources and becoming stuck with unwanted inventory, something that they wanted to avoid at all costs.

Since Manucurist has launched open-ended surveys, their customers tell their team what colors they want next. Their product managers can then use this data to determine where to invest their product development efforts.

This unique first party data is what has Manucurist the the confidence to launch new SKU's and sell 70+ colors knowing that there is already existing demand for new SKU's.

Zigpoll helped us to better understand what colors were wanted by our customers or what colors we were missing.

Measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns and marketing spend

Survey Questions: "How did you hear about us", "Do you remember where in particular?"

With iOS 14 and the reduced effectiveness of third party cookies, Manucurist turned to post purchase surveys to get a clearer picture of what marketing channels were driving purchases.

"We realized that attribution is a must, to better understand where our customer came from. Zigpoll surveys help us determine what channel was top of mind when they made a purchase so we can tell what channels we should invest more into"

Manucurist also digs deeper into answers involving social media, following up with "Do you remember where in particular?".

This helps them to quantify the influence of their organic social media page, specific influencers, and their paid advertising campaigns so they can make better decisions around their marketing budget.

By asking their customers these questions, it makes it easier for their team to understand offline channels and which influencers are driving sales.

"Zigpoll helps us straight away to better understand where a rapid surge of visitors are coming from.

For example we appeared in Good Morning America so a lot of people in the US wrote down GMA for the attribution open-ended questions.

On some days, we have a huge surge of visitors and Zigpoll lets us know that it is an affiliate influencer that decided to post about us."

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