Collecting zero-party data on your Shopify store

It's no secret that consumer privacy initiatives have changed the landscape of third party marketing forever. Gathering information directly from your customers puts you back in the drivers seat as third party marketing efforts continue degrade and underperform. To protect your business in this competitive and frankly cutthroat landscape you need gain your edge by gathering and processing data directly from your loyal and disloyal customers.

What is zero-party data anyway?

Zero-party data is anything that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. This can come in many forms whether it's speaking to a representative in a showroom, or filling out a sizing guide, or answering a post purchase survey online. Any insight sent to the brand that comes directly from the customer is considered zero-party data.

Seriously, it's that simple?

Yes. Zero-party data is a catchall term for information about your brand that comes directly from the consumer. Where it starts to get tricky is how to capture this information from your customers, and, once you capture it, how to use it effectively. Now that we know what zero-party data is, let's focus on the hard part: capturing some.

Post Purchase Surveys

Post purchase surveys are a low lift way to collect data from your customers at a key point in their journey with your brand. The conversion rates for post-purchase surveys are very high, often landing above 50%. To get started with zero-party data, we highly recommend adding a post purchase survey to your Shopify checkout page and leaving it up forever. You can change the questions you ask as time goes on based on the responses. Typically we suggest one multiple choice type question and another open-ended type question so you capture a wide variety of responses using this survey.

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Abandoned Checkout Surveys

While post purchase surveys are a great tool to hear from your (mostly) satisfied customers, abandoned checkout surveys are a great way to pick up on the rest of them. An abandoned checkout survey helps you understand why customers don't convert and what they have in common. Additionally by engaging with them, you get another chance to win-back their business.

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Homepage Surveys

Asking your new customers how they found you on the homepage is a great way to start understanding your marketing channels and gives you another data-point to help build your typical customer profiles and improve your marketing spend.

Email Campaigns

Emailing your customers is a great way to keep them engaged with changes to your business. To take your email campaigns up a level, start mailing out surveys to your loyal and disloyal customers. These surveys give you another chance to capture zero-party data and reach customers who haven't browsed your website in a while.

Digital Contests

Running a contest is a simple way to engage your customer base and incentivize them to provide valuable feedback at a very low cost. It's never been easier to run a contest using Shopify discount codes, Zigpoll, and email provider to run a simple contest for your customers multiple times per year.

I'm ready to collect zero-party data!

We thought you would say that. Now that you've got the information the next step is to put it to good use. Start running a Post Purchase survey, abandoned checkout survey, or digital contest today!

So let's do this.

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