ThumbPRO Case Study

How ThumbPRO uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to build Klaviyo segments and launch new SKU's

Survey Type: Post purchase survey, Post Fulfillment Survey

ThumbPRO is a family owned and operated business based in Concord, MA. They designed, invented, and locally manufacture their core product - the ThumbPRO baseball and softball thumb guard.

It's an ergonomic thumb guard that stays in place, reduces bat sting, supports proper hand placement on the bat, and helps guard against injury.

Their unique product is used at all levels, from pro players in the MLB to players learning the game in youth leagues!

We saw in our data that ThumbPRO has collected over 25,000 survey responses, so we reached out to cofounder Nina Nickles to chat about how ThumbPRO is using insights collected from Zigpoll to:

  • Segment their customers to offer more targeted and personalized Klaviyo email campaigns
  • Determine which colors to launch based on customer feedback
  • Learn why customers are purchasing their product, so they can improve messaging

"We get a window into our customer that we normally wouldn't have without the survey. You can't learn this from anything else."

ThumbPRO values Zigpoll's clean design and customer service

Nina had tried other Shopify post purchase surveys and commented that she felt that these other apps felt a bit too intrusive.

She appreciated the clean design of Zigpoll, which helps with response rates:

"We have Zigpoll on the Thank You page, then we have an email that goes out 72 hours later. I am pleasantly surprised at how many people answer it, it's incredible. If I were to guess, it's like 95% of our customers answer that survey"

What Nina really valued was the customer service of the Zigpoll team (Jason, the founder, handles all customer service)

"I also liked that it's personal service, Jason, he's great, right? So that was really important. In terms of where to put it on the site, how it would work, figuring out the questions and then also, having help to figure out the rules for it was great.

The customer service on their end as well. That was important along with the survey."

Building targeted and personalized segments for Klaviyo

Survey Question: "What position do you play?", "What level do you play?"

ThumbPRO wanted to find a way to segment their clients more granularly. While analytics on their site could show top level demographic data (age, gender), they wanted to learn more.

This first-party data was impossible to collect without Zigpoll's ecommerce surveys.

Once they had gathered that information, Nina could start building segmented email campaigns targeted towards different segments like coaches or parents::

"As we think about our emails, we say ‘let's take one of the segments that we have from the Zigpoll'.

For instance, we want to know if someone is a coach so we can personalize the message, and same for if someone is a collegiate player, pro, softball player, or a parent buying for their child.

We are looking to personalize so we can build a stronger connection with our customers, that connection is what we aim for as our product is also about the baseball community"

ThumbPRO also builds relationships with customers by collecting information on what position their customers play. They use this information to drive interest and build a stronger connection in email campaigns:

"This is anecdotal, but I feel like people go ‘oh wow, they know what I'm interested in' which helps drive loyalty."

Determining what colors to launch based on customer feedback

Survey Question: "What colors do you want to see from us?"

New colors for ThumbPRO are a point of fun and excitement for ThumbPRO athletes.

To ensure they are launching the colors that excite their customer base, ThumbPRO uses Zigpoll to survey their customers and better understand which colors to launch next:

"We were developing new colors, and we wanted to see what people were interested in because what people love are limited editions.

And so when we drop a new color, it's really popular!"

Improving messaging by understanding why customers are purchasing

Survey Question: "Why did you purchase ThumbPRO?"

Zigpoll lets ThumbPRO understand why customers are purchasing their product and what they value.

Instead of guessing when it comes to copywriting, ThumbPRO uses these qualitative insights to create copy and ad creative that resonates with their customer base.

"If, for instance, we know that they're buying for their kid or to reduce bat sting, we ask ourselves ‘how are we going to create the copy for that?' so that we're really speaking to what people want.

Zigpoll helps us know why and what people want, so we can hone down our messaging and connect with our customers on a more personal level."

So let's do this.

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