Beauty Brand Case Study

How a beauty brand uses post-fulfillment surveys to drive 1,200+ reviews and understand product performance

Survey Type: Post purchase survey

This 8-figure Shopify Plus brand collects over 100,000 survey submissions every month, so we spent some time studying how they were using our product.

We discovered that they were using surveys to:

  • Drive over 1,200 positive customer reviews.
  • Get detailed feedback on their product performance and packaging post fulfillment
  • Build out a thorough understanding of customer habits, purchase intent, and demographics
In this case study we'll walk through the strategies this brand uses so you can implement the same insight collection engine into your own business.

The most interesting takeaway is how this brand was willing to trade margin for deeper customer insights by giving away free products on the next purchase in return for more customer data.

Using surveys to drive 1,200+ positive customer reviews

Survey Type: Post fulfillment survey
Survey Questions: Collect NPS, then solicit reviews from promoters in exchange for a free product

The brand now uses Zigpoll to collect NPS data from customers and automatically solicit reviews post purchase.

This brand has driven over 1,200 positive reviews as a result of this survey flow, allowing them to create a strong bank of social proof that they can reuse across their site and advertisements.

Their products include a tutorial, which is sent via email and linked in the packaging instructions. The survey itself is delivered on this tutorial page and utilizes the following strategy:

  • "How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend or colleague" Initial NPS question. Intentionally make the first question fixed-choice, this keeps friction low and it will hook the customer which generates further participation due to sunk cost psychology.
  • If NPS score is positive utilize our branching logic feature in order to show a question with a CTA sending them to submit a review. If they leave a review they get 2 free product variants.
  • Follow up by asking for their email in exchange for an additional discount code.

Get detailed feedback on product performance and packaging

Survey Type: Post fulfillment survey
Survey Question: Getting feedback on instructions and product performance in return for a free gift

Once a product is sent out, most brands rarely have touchpoints with their customers to get feedback on the product performance and packaging.

Often, the only time that brands might hear feedback would be in reviews or comments on social.

The brand that we work with is proactive in collecting feedback on their product performance and packaging, letting them constantly improve their product and conversion rate.

They offer a coupon for a free product if the survey is filled out.

They send out a survey via email to their customers post order fulfillment that asks some of the following questions. The goal is to understand purchase intent and any barriers to conversion.

Trade free product in return for deeper customer insights

Survey Type: Post fulfillment survey
Survey Question: Ask detailed questions on customer preferences and demographics in return for free product

Many brands are often guessing when it comes to building personas, understanding important value propositions, and improving conversion.

Instead of guessing, this brand has built surveys that constantly collect valuable information for when they need to make important decisions.

They encourage customers to answer these questions by offering free variants of their product on their next purchase. They offer more free colors after a set amount of questions to encourage more responses.

Around 80% of respondents chose to continue answering more questions when presented with additional free products.

We like their choice of offering a free product because it sets a fixed cost (the cost of product) to collecting these insights, as opposed to percentage based discounts that can really hurt your margins.

For the cost of inventory, they gain a deeper understanding of their customer that fuels their paid ad messaging, landing pages, and boosts conversions.

So let's do this.

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