Kanga Coolers Case Study

How Kanga Coolers uses Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to optimize landing pages and launch 6-figure product lines

Survey Type: Post purchase survey

We had a chance to talk to Bryson Getz, the Head of Operations at Kanga Coolers to learn how Kanga, a scaling Shopify Plus ecommerce brand, uses Zigpoll to:

  • Gain a clearer picture of attribution post iOS 14 changes
  • Understand the different end users and customers of their products
  • Improve landing page conversion rates by 15% — 20% and ROAS by 10%.
  • Launch new product lines that are driving 6 figures in incremental revenue
We're a beer cooler company, and we really thought that our customer was going to be 20 something year old guys... we found out our customer is older and our product is usually bought as a gift which really changes how we advertise and optimize our website.

Why Kanga uses Zigpoll for post purchase surveys

Kanga had tried a couple of other survey tools, but went with Zigpoll because:

The pricing was the best, it was the most transparent. It's very easy to set up to kind of make it your own. It's very easy to use, and it looks very clean on the site. A lot of the other post surveys were either too expensive or too complicated.

Bryson also appreciated the AI summarization tools available that make it easy to analyze and surface trends from open ended survey responses..

Zigpoll does have this survey insight section, which I don't really have the time to export and analyze the data every single day. So it helps me quickly find the main points.

Using surveys to evaluate marketing channels post IOS 14

Survey Question: How did you hear about us?

The unreliability of third party cookies made it difficult for Kanga to understand how many purchases were actually being driven by Facebook vs. other channels.

After the iOS update that happened a couple of years ago, there's some signal loss between Facebook's reporting and who actually purchases on our website... we started using Zigpoll to solve an attribution issue that we were having.

60% — 70% of their traffic was being driven by paid, so using post purchase surveys to monitor whether campaigns are driving sales lift was critical to allocating marketing spend efficiently.

Every quarter, the Kanga team allocates 10% — 15% of their marketing budget towards testing experimental channels, and they use Zigpoll's post purchase surveys to track the effectiveness of different channels and cut out channels that aren't driving any lift.

"TikTok was surprisingly effective, but they don't click the link in the bio of our TikTok and go to our site. They see us a bunch of times, remember us, and then go to our website directly.

[Zigpoll] helped us quantify that and gave us confidence to double down on how many resources we're putting towards making TikTok videos.

We've shifted away from other channels like Twitter or YouTube that we were trying out that just weren't effective"

Understand who their customers and end users were

Survey Questions: "How old are you?", "Did you buy this for someone else?", "Who did you buy this for?"

At first, Kanga assumed that their customer was going to be "20 something year old guys", but after surveying their customers, they've realized two things: their customer skews older and their product is frequently bought as a gift.

They also noticed that their customers changed depending on seasonal events such as Fathers Day or Christmas.

So during Father's Day, we see women aged 25 to 45 buying for dads or husbands. And then in Q4, it's 45 to 65 year old women buying for their sons, their grandsons, sometimes their husbands. So the end user is very different and the gift buyer is different in those seasons

By implementing a single post purchase survey with 3 key questions, Kanga was able to get a complete understanding of their customers and end users that they use to optimize their landing pages and ad creative.

Using customer insights to update ads and landing pages based on the season

Knowing that their customer and end user changes depending on the season has led Kanga to adjust their landing pages and ads to match their target customer based on the time of year. With this, Kanga has improved landing page conversion rates by 15-20% and ROAS by 10%.

"During Father's Day, the reviews on our site we show are 'oh, my dad loved this gift, or my husband loved this gift'

But during Q4 it's: 'oh, my grandson thought I was the coolest grandma when I gave him this gift.' So that they see their specific gifting use case represented.

It has changed our paid ads. During Father's Day, we're like, oh, a lot of younger people are getting it for their older dad. So we had photos where we went out with one of our dads and shot photos at the lake with him so that the end user would be represented.

"And then during Christmas, when a lot of grandmas are buying for younger kids, we go with an ad style that shows a bunch of 20 something girls and guys hanging out, having a good time, and they're like, oh, that's what my son likes to do. We try to represent those users in our ads."

How troubleshooting conversion issues led to launching new 6 figure product lines

Survey Question: "What almost stopped you from buying today?"

This survey question was added to their survey by Kanga to troubleshoot issues with sites such as slow site speeds or broken discount codes.

Another common point of feedback that Kanga heard was that their customers were skeptical that an iceless cooler that could keep drinks cold for 7 hours:

"That claim is a little hard to believe. And so we noticed people were like, ‘well, I'm not sure if it works or not.'

So we extended our warranty. We added more reviews, some video testimonials, the scientific research. We really bolstered the trust building on our site."

In addition to that, Kanga started to see responses mentioning that some customers almost didn't buy because of the lack of certain colours, university branding, and designs for women.

"We started hearing customers say ‘oh, I almost didn't buy because you didn't have enough female oriented designs' or ‘I would have bought for my grandson had you had this school in stock"

"So two big things that we have added are a lot more colorways and a lot more collegiate SKUs because people requested them... which has been a six digit revenue lift for sure"

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